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The Internet access indicator measures the prevalence of different Internet technology options available in Champaign County, Illinois, and the U.S., at two different speeds: 4/1 Mbps and 25/3 Mbps.

Seven types of connection options are evaluated: ADSL, cable, fiber, fixed wireless, satellite, "other" technology, and "any" technology, which includes the previous six options.

Satellite internet, at both speeds, is the most widely available in all three areas. One hundred percent of Champaign County residents have access to satellite internet at both speeds. Cable internet is also widely available across all three areas, and over 90 percent of Champaign County residents have access to cable internet. Fiber internet is the least widely available type of technology, aside from "other" technology, and is available to approximately 25 percent of Champaign County residents.

The ability of Champaign County residents to access the Internet has become key in many facets of life, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Internet access provides economic, educational, and social opportunities; having or not having Internet access has become not only a technological issue, but an equity issue.

This data was retrieved from the Federal Communications Commission’s Fixed Broadband Deployment Area Comparison, and dates from June 2020.

Source: Federal Communications Commission. (2020). Fixed Broadband Deployment. Area Comparison. <>;. (Accessed 24 May 2021).

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