County Indicators

The Champaign County Community Indicators are a set of 36 points of data in eight categories, tracking data from Access to Bicycle Facilities to Voter Participation Rate. Each category listed below includes several indicators, all available for download and presented with analysis, visualizations, and source information.

  • Accessibility: From the ability to visit a neighborhood park to the ability to get online, indicators in the Accessibility category describe Champaign County residents’ access to amenities and opportunities that contribute to quality of life.
  • Economics & Poverty: The indicators in the Economics & Poverty category measure aspects of economic and financial well-being of the county, cities, and individual households, from business growth to the poverty rate.
  • Education: The Education indicators provide information on local institutions, school districts, and the educational attainment of the Champaign County population as a whole.
  • Engagement: Indicators in the Engagement category attempt to show something that is traditionally difficult to quantify: how involved a local population is in their community. These indicators describe residents’ involvement in civic and institutional life in Champaign County.
  • Health: The Health category indicators cover quantifiable characteristics of the Champaign County population’s general state of health.
  • Mobility: The indicators in Mobility category describe how Champaign County residents get around the community and the larger region.
  • Safety: The Safety category includes indicators that measure Champaign County residents’ traffic- and crime-related safety.
  • Sustainability: The Sustainability indicators provide information on some aspects of environmental well-being in Champaign County.

Regional Dashboard

In addition to the indicators in the categories listed above, further data is available via the Regional Dashboard, which provides a wealth of local demographic, economic, and environmental data on Champaign County, its municipalities, and its townships. The Regional Dashboard contains data formerly published in the Champaign County Statistical Abstract.

Information Clearinghouse

The Information Clearinghouse provides links to additional resources, categorized by subject, so that data users can continue their research beyond data available on this website.

Indicators Archive

The Archived Documents page includes information on Champaign County’s original set of indicators, developed in the Big. Small. All. and Our Future. Here. projects.